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Explore Australia`s Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory covers an area of 1,35 million square kilometers. With a population of 182.000 (in 1998) there is 1% of the Australian inhabitants living in the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory unlike most of the other states, do not have daylight savings or four seasons. Instead we have only the dry season and the wet season, but towards the end of the dry season there is a period of time that is called the build up to the wet. The tourist season is normally between between May and September but people are starting to realize that Darwin is a place to see not only during the dry but also the wet session with an increasing number of visitors coming up to experience the wet, Darwin style.

Darwin City
Berry Springs
Darwin River Dam
Litchfield National Park
Pine Creek area
Big Horse Creek
Kakadu National Park
Humpty Doo
Emerald Springs
Katherine Gorge
Devils Marbles
The Olgas

Australias Northern Terriotry

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The Northern Territory contains some famous National Parks such as Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park and Nitmiluk National Park. Kakadu National park is famous for Aboriginal rock art or x-ray style paintings that you see today.
The Cyclone Season is from October to April. Active monsoon troughs are the most likely time for development. Memories of Cyclone Tracy in 1974 continue to remind Darwinites of the destructive force that they do bring. Cyclone Thelma that came near Darwin just before Christmas 1998 reminded everyone of this fact. 
As the northern gateway to Australia, the Northern Territory combines elements of Australia, Asia Greece and a host of other nationalities to give tourist and locals an unique cultural experience.


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