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Kakadu National Park can be reached by etheir turning onto the Kakadu Highway just north of Pine Creek
( Note: Pine Creek is 226kms from Darwin. ) or the Arnhem Highway which is fully sealed and begins in Darwin`s rural area and is 257 kms away from Darwin. The park covers a total area of 20,000 square kilometres. The main features of the park are the wet lands, the spectacular escarpment country with spectacular waterfalls cascading over the edge and the extensive collection of Aboriginal rock art. The park has a diverse range of flora and forna with more than 60 species of mamals, 289 species of birds and 132 species of reptiles, 25 different species of frogs, and an estimated 10,000 species of insects as well as many more different species of fish. There is many places to go bushwalking, fishing, photography, birdwatching, four wheel driving, camping and sight seeing in the park.
More than a third of the Top End`s plant life is represented in Kakadu through the 160 plant species. On the flood plains, the water lily - covered billabongs are stunning which attract vast flocks of birds for the majority of the year. When the wet seasion begins between November and March Kakadu presents a totally different scenery. Kakadu National Park was declared a World Heritage area for its out standing cultral and natural values. The park includes one of the finest and most extensive collections of rock art in the world, a reminder of the Aboriginal people`s long association with the land.

Kakadu National Park
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