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Welcome to Territory Pictures Quick Look Index, here is a basic glance of some of the Territory`s Statistics and some interesting facts and figures.

Area: 1,351,961.8 km2
Capital: Darwin
Land: Ranges up to 1200 m above sea level

  • Inland Northern Territory temperatures are extreme with a very hot wet summer.
  • Coastal temperatures, around Darwin are tropical.
  • Average summer temperatures range from 77F- 94F.
  • Average winter temperatures range from 67F - 87F.

Population: 120,000 including over 60 nationalities
Melville Island, (5698km square), near Darwin, is the largest Island in Australian Waters (apart from Tasmania).

Cosmopolitan: Diverse, multicultural population

Developing: Growth in population and industry

Multicultural: Aborigines, settlers from Asia and Europe,
Religions: worship centres for most religious and cultural traditions.

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Economy: mining, stock, tourism

Transport : Darwin has an international airport and port and is now linked to the rest of Australia by rail.

Seafood Industry: Boating, fishing and trade.

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