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Litchfield National Park is a favorite area among Darwins outdoor lovers and comprises of 146,000 hectares of largly untouched landscape including monsoonal rainforest, tableland range, escarpment, large groves of cycads, spring fed creeks and historic tin mines. It is closer to Darwin than Kakadu National Park being accessible in less than two hours being 129 kms away from Darwin on an all weather sealed road through the township of Batchelor, or via the gravel road off the Cox Peninsulia Road, which drivers should check the conditions of the gravel road.
You will come across various attractions like the very tall and sometimes wide termite mounds. Deep in the Park is the “ Lost city ”, a sandstone rock formation that appears as a petrified group of castles but this is only accessable via four wheel drive or to the experience bushwalker. With a group of spring fed waterfalls what better way to relax and cool down than a relaxing swim and bbq.

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